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What is Generation Green?

Inspiring a generation


Generation Green is a project to create over 100,000 Green Champions and inspire the next generation of young people to connect with the outdoor environment – both in their communities and in some of the country’s most inspiring locations.

Funded by DEFRA through the Heritage Lottery Fund the project is being delivered by a consortium of the Scouts, YHA (England & Wales), The Outward Bound Trust, Girl Guiding, Field Studies Council and the 10 English National Parks.

One of the objectives of Generation Green is to increase equitable access to the natural environment and outdoor learning. This means that 50% of participation is targeted to specific groups of young people, including those who live in Urban communities, with low household income, or Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities.  

We believe that all young people should be able to benefit from time spent in the natural environment, and taking part in outdoor learning.  To achieve this parity of outcome means we must give more support and opportunities to people and groups whose participation would normally be inhibited due to Social, Economic or Cultural barriers.

This means that participation in Generation Green activities is, by design, biased towards specific groups of young people; the young people who research shows are currently less likely to participate in activities of this type.  



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Green Champions


We’re running fully funded programmes* to create 7000 Green Champions.  Green Champions are young people from Scout or School groups who have completed a 5 step programme which makes a positive impact in their community.  This could be improving habitats for birds, bugs and bees, planting trees, or taking positive steps toward recycling and reducing waste.

Participants take part in an instructed programme led by our Green Volunteers.  After this they then have 3 months to complete a short project which will have a positive impact in their community.  We’ll also award them a certificate and the Stage 1 community Impact badge to recognise their efforts. More information can be found on the Green Champion pages

Adventure for All


We’re also offering over 800 fully funded residentials* at our centres.  Groups can apply to take part in a 3 day, 2 night adventure residential including accommodation, catering and an adventure filled activity programme.  For more information and to apply take a look at the Adventure for All pages

Green Young Leaders


Are you an existing Explorer Scout Young Leader?  Join us on a fully funded* 2 night training course at one of our centres to learn how to run the Green Champion programme with the section you support. More information and an application form will be available here in the next few weeks.

Volunteer to join the Green Team


If you’re passionate about the planet and enthusiastic about education then joining our team could be right for you!  As part of our Green team you will be based at one of our centres where we’ll train you on our instructor programme, then, working in small teams, you’ll take the adventure to the people!  You’ll be delivering the Green Champion programme to the heart of communities, as well as being a tutor on the Green Young Leader programme.

In addition to our Generation Green programmes you will also be part of our wider volunteer team, living and working alongside 45 volunteers and making friends for life.  You’ll live on centre, helping deliver all aspects of giving young people an adventure – from teaching Archery to making beds and emptying the bins! 

What’s in it for you?


For full time volunteers we’ll cover your living expenses while you are with us – including accommodation, uniform, catering, and weekly expenses so you can buy the things you need.  You’ll also have the opportunity to gain nationally recognised outdoor qualifications, and if you’re a section leader in the Scouts we’ll help you to validate your leader training modules.  For flexible volunteers you’ll get expenses for getting to the locations, uniform, food and accommodation when you are volunteering for us.

Find out more about who we’re looking for and how volunteering works head to the volunteering pages.

*Unfortunately we are not able to cover the transport costs to/from the centre for Green Champions, Adventure for All and Green Young Leaders programmes.


"Connecting young people with nature is part of our DNA at Scouts. We believe our green spaces are the world’s greatest classrooms, where people young people can learn to take risks, build resilience and gain vital skills for life. This matters more now than ever, after so many months of lockdowns, restrictions and disruptions to schooling. 

Not enough of our young people have been able to experience the freedom and adventure of the outdoors, especially in our urban communities and areas of deprivation. Without a doubt, this has contributed to poorer mental health, with 1 in 4 young people reporting they feel unable to cope with life. 

The power of the Access Unlimited coalition and the Green Recovery Fund means we can reconnect 8,000 young people with green spaces and open skies. We believe this will help them recover and rebuild after so many months of being indoors and online. 

We’re offering half of these new opportunities to those from communities less likely to access nature, and made most vulnerable by COVID-19. It’s inspiring to be able to make this positive investment in their wellbeing, skills and resilience at a time when it matters most."

Matt Hyde OBE, Chief Executive, Scouts

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Generation Green is funded by the government’s Green Recovery Challenge Fund.

The fund is being delivered by The National Lottery Heritage Fund in partnership with Natural England and the Environment Agency.