Original Wood Badge Experience

Original Wood Badge Experience

Original Wood Badge Experience

As the world recovered from the cataclysmic impact of the First World War, a group of Scout volunteers came together to look to the future.

These Scouting pioneers took part in what would become known as 'The First Wood Badge Course'. Little did they know that the impact of this event would soon be felt around the world. Soon Gilwell Park's training centre would be attracting international attention with volunteers traveling across the globe to take part in this ground breaking programme. They would leave inspired and this is how the magic of Gilwell was communicated around the world.


To celebrate the centenary of Wood Badge training at Gilwell Park, we will deliver the Original Wood Badge Experience, in a fun format to engage existing Wood Badge holders. This will give a flavour of what it would have been like to have attended one of the first courses ever held. Experiencing training 1919 style will involve bringing alive many of the experiences those first leaders 100 years ago woud have had.

This is camping 1919 style so cooking will be part of the experience. The Camp Chiefs handbook clearly says “You would be robbing your Scout Masters of a valuable part of their training if you get the cooking done by outside help”

The programme will be run based on the training documents from the early Wood Badge courses delivered at Gilwell Park and will include some of the following subjects:

  •   Scouting games
  •   Camp craft – food, hiking, first aid
  •   Field craft – principles of mapping and sketching
  •   Pioneering
  •   Nature Lore – bird and tree study
  •   Sign Craft – tracking and signalling

In addition to this, we'll include some time to reflect on how Scouting has evolved over the past 100 years.


The course will run for 4 days and on:

Monday 9th – Thursday 12th September 2019

Maximum group size is 24 per course.

How much?

We currently have 14  places remaining to attend the course.  As a fundraising initiative to help us raise much needed funds for the Gilwell Park Museum project, the first 7 of these places will be awarded and guaranteed to the highest bidders, if you wish to make a bid please email with the subject line 'Original Wood Badge Experience - make a bid' and we will be in touch.

All funds raised from the delivery of both courses will go directly towards preserving our heritage and the legacy of Gilwell Park.

The remaining 7 places will be selected through a ballot entry and be charged at £1,195 per person.

We will advise outcomes of the selection by June 2019.

Additional extras:

We'll be running a partner programme throughout for those wishing to bring along their +1 with a packed itinerary of options to see the sites of London and make the most of their time throughout the week. 

For more information and to forward your interest in this initiative please email with the subject line 'Original Wood Badge Experience.'



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