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Green Champions

Green Champions

We’re running fully funded programmes* to create 7000 Green Champions.  Green Champions are young people from Scout or School groups who have completed a 5 step programme which makes a positive impact in their community.  This could be improving habitats for birds, bugs and bees, planting trees, or taking positive steps toward recycling and reducing waste.

Participants take part in an instructed programme led by our Green Volunteers.  After this they then have 3 months to complete a short project which will have a positive impact in their community.  We’ll also award them a certificate and the Stage 1 community Impact badge to recognise their efforts. More information and an application form are available in the menu on the left.


Green Champion example programme

How does it work?

The programme is flexible - we have designed it so that it works for you;

  • We can come to you, and deliver in your School, Scout HQ or even a local park.
  • You can come to us at one of our centres, and if you want to stay for the whole day we'll give you loads of ideas to fill your time for free.
  • Our volunteers can lead Steps 1, 2, and 3 in a single half day for you, or
  • We can lead Steps 1 and 2 in a shorter 1 to 2 hour session, then you can lead Step 3, 4 and 5 when it's convenient.
  • We'll provide you with support, ideas and resources for every step.


*Unfortunately we are not able to cover the transport costs to/from the centre for Green Champions, Adventure for All and Green Young Leaders programmes.

Who can take part?

Can my Group take part in the Green Champion programme?

Yes.  Our Green Champion programme is open to all participants, however we will prioritise groups who meet the criteria of our priority list first.

Can my group apply for a residential under the Adventure for All programme?

At the moment applications are only open to groups who meet the criteria of our priority list.

Our priority list

We have adopted a broad range of indicators to structure our support towards groups who will benefit the most.  Each indicator is targeted to support a particular population demographic who are statistically more likely to benefit from these activities.  In many cases individuals may fulfil several of the indicators, however they only need to fulfil one to be counted in the participation target.

Broadly the indicators reflect groups who live in areas of multiple deprivation, where a majority of participants households are low income or receive financial support, where a majority of participants are Black, Asian or from an Ethnic minority communities, or where individuals have some form of disability.

The full list of indicators which define our priority is available on this page, including notes to explain the different indicators.

Why is it important to have equitable access?

There is a wealth of research connecting experiences in the natural environment to improved indicators of happiness, health and mental well-being in young people.

While these benefits are universal to all, there is also considerable research showing that certain groups of the population do not participate (and therefore do not benefit) from these activities.   There are many reasons for lower participation, and Generation Green activities are designed to tackle these barriers in a positive way to ensure all young people can benefit from time spent and learning completed in the outdoors.