Why Scout Adventures?


Why Scout Adventures?

The Big Moments

Scout Adventures is all about the big moments. Whether it’s leaping off a jetty into a lake at the end of a day’s canoeing, chatting about the day’s activities in a bunk bed after lights out, or roasting marshmallows over glowing embers, these are memories being made.  

But something else is happening too. Young people are learning the character skills they need to succeed: leadership, teamwork, resilience and initiative. To them it feels like fun, but these are the experiences that help them grow as people.

Supporting you

We know that the residential is often the highlight of your year. That’s why it’s important that you have the information and support you need to make the right decision.

We’ll provide you with the information and resources you need to share with your team before you decide. We want you to feel comfortable with every aspect of the journey, from enquiry and booking to arrival and post visit.

Once you’ve made the decision to book with Scout Adventures, we’ll look after you every step of the way.

"A week of camp life is worth six months of theoretical teaching in the meeting (class) room."

Robert Baden-Powell, Founder of Scouting

Burst out of the classroom with our award-winning outdoor learning. We’ll work with you to increase attainment, break down barriers between teachers and pupils and help you meet learning objectives.

  • Safe and accredited instructors
  • Free resources and support at every stage
  • Choose from a huge range of activities

‘The camp was a once in a lifetime opportunity because I don’t ever get to do things like this.’ Year 2 pupil, Hanover Primary School  

‘The residential to Yr Hafod is often quoted by students as the highlight of the year.’

‘Unless I give children a taste of Scouting during school time, they may never have the opportunity.’ Kate, Headteacher, Kent

To find out more about how Scouting can complement educational agendas across the UK, visit our 'Future Prepared' website:




The camp was a once in a lifetime opportunity because I don't ever get to do things like this. We learn to appreciate what we have at home, bonding with people we don't know so well and how to survive in the middle of nowhere.

Fleur De Lis
Pupil, Year 6
Hanover Primary School

I really enjoyed coming to Great Tower and I especially enjoyed cooking on the open fire. The other activities were good too, for example the den building. The team challenges are good for children to work together.

Fleur De Lis
Pupil, Year 7
Leven Valley School

The children were so excited and grateful for the adventure. The standard of tuition and tents were great. The care we were shown, the surroundings in the restaurant and quality of food we were given were unsurpassed in my 30 years’ experience of teaching and taking children on trips!

Fleur De Lis
Primary Teacher
The Daiglen School

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. We loved the tented village - we were only staying the one night, and it was blissful not to have to put tents up, or take them down the next morning, especially considering the weather we had. It's such a reasonable price too - we were very pleased with our experience and will definitely come again.

St Mary's School

Your staff are amazing and the Cubs are still singing Jo's praises. When we told the kids we have re-booked, they were all trying to work out if they would still be in the Cubs and if they would get to come back! The Cubs haven't stopped talking about your centre and this has led to two local schools considering a residential with you. Please can you pass our thanks to your team, we are definitely looking forward to a return trip.

Helen Ellis
Cub Leader

Even before we arrived the whole experience is one we all thoroughly enjoyed. The booking process was simple and with the helpful staff we were able to find the right package for our Unit. The packages on offer were varied and catered for all levels of experience; and despite the autumn weather we all enjoyed it. As a Unit, we want to come back again and would definitely recommend it to others. We would also advise anyone thinking of going to talk to the staff about the packages available; there is a package for everyone! Best of all, you just have to turn up and enjoy it!

1st Littlebourne Explorers

I really want to thank you all so much for giving up your time for us! You guys have encouraged us to conquer our fears. I realised that Gilwell Park is our hero!

Arnhem Wharf Primary School