About us


About us

Our story

Scout Adventures is owned and run by the Scouts. For over 100 years, we have delivered opportunities and activities to millions of young people.

We are founded on our famous Scout values and are proud offer our expertise to a new generation of young people.

When Baden-Powell first took 20 young people to Brownsea Island, Dorset, in 1907 he was delivering one of the first ever residential experiences. Instinctively, he knew that the outdoors would bring out the best in them, giving them opportunities to develop their skills and confidence. Today, outdoor learning is still considered one of the best ways to transform lives and future prospects.

We’ve come a long way since then (they didn’t use GPS, but our values of care, belief, integrity, cooperation remain the same. When you allow a young person to take a risk in a safe environment, they learn and grow.

Our promise of quality

Scouting is trusted by 40 million members and their families around the world. As the original pioneers of outdoor learning, we believe we offer the broadest range of activities, the best trained experts and the widest pool of skills to draw upon.

We take fun pretty seriously

Ask a young person what they want out of their experience and chances are, they’ll talk about fun and friends. And this has a powerful effect on their learning. Happier children learn more, achieve more and do more.

That’s why we promote a happy, caring environment at all our centres. Time around the campfire, bonding over lunch and relaxing in the freedom of the outdoors is vital to having fun. Like you, we take a tough line on bullying and keep a watchful eye to make sure no one is excluded. 

Why choose Scout Adventures?

Our centres are not just places to visit and stay; they're starting points for new adventures, expeditions and experiences. We welcome young people and adults from every background; from Scouting, schools, youth groups and beyond. We believe in making every experience fun, friendly, adventurous and unforgettable. We're optimistic about the future and believe anything is possible.

We're proud to offer: 

  • A wide range of activities, from canoeing and high ropes to orienteering and traditional Scouting skills  
  • A choice of centres, from woodland to water- based 
  • Fully-qualified instructors with Scouting backgrounds 
  • Strong links to the Scout Programme and values-based teamwork 
  • Proven track record of working with Scouts, schools and youth groups

Scouting heritage

With over 100 years’ experience in character education, the Scout movement has helped young people enjoy fun and adventure, learn new skills and become the active citizens of the future. These values run through Scout Adventures.

Flexible packages and bespoke experiences

No two visits to Scout Adventures are the same. We listen to our customers and work with them to achieve their learning outcomes by designing the experience around them.

Trust, safety and expertise

Our ability to deliver safe, high quality outdoor experiences is second to none. We enjoy an international reputation as an authority on outdoor learning and the positive benefits it creates for individuals.

Skills for life

Here at Scout Adventures we believe that amazing things can happen in the great outdoors. With our expertise in informal learning (leadership, teamwork, resilience, initiative) and world famous Scouting heritage and values, we have inspired generations of young people to reach their potential and learn skills for life.

Skills for life

With over 100 years of experience, and a global membership of over 54 million people there is no arguing that the Scouts know what they're doing when it comes to developing young people. Our practical approach to developing real skills for life is at the heart of how we deliver residentials and we know our approach has the power to change lives.   

Over the years we have commissioned a number of research assessments which highlight the nature and scale of Scouting's impact on our 500,000 strong UK membership. We know it brings significant personal and professional development opportunities and that our attributes and activities provide considerable benefit to employers and local communities as well as all important life skills for individuals. These attributes and activities all run through Scout Adventures.

Outdoor Learning

The Institute for Outdoor Learning has a mission to increase participation in Outdoor Learning in the UK and to recognise and improve the quality of Outdoor Learning in the UK. The potential benefits of Outdoor Learning and are so many that they are grouped into four broad categories but are essentially linked to:

  • enhanced personal and social communication skills
  • increased physical health
  • enhanced mental and spiritual health
  • enhanced spiritual, sensory and aesthetic awareness
  • the ability to assert personal control and increased sensitivity to one's own well-being

Scout Adventures believe that amazing things happen in the outdoors. We can ensure these benefits are realised through the many programmes we offer you and your group.

Brilliant Residentials

At Scout Adventures it’s all about helping young people to do their best. We believe that learning away can have a powerful, positive impact on young people’s academic achievement.

This is supported with research by Learning Away, which suggests that a residential experience can lead to a 58% improvement in attainment at primary level and 77% improvement at secondary level. Over three quarters of young people also say they get on better with their teachers thanks to the residential. See one of our case studies here.

Learning Away stats

The Education Endowment Foundation and their toolkit evidence also suggests that young people gain an additional four months' academic progress in a year from participating in outdoor adventure learning

For more in-depth versions of evaluation findings, you can download Learning Away’s published summary, and York Consulting’s executive summary and full report

We understand that we have a significant role to play in helping and supporting schools to provide high quality residential experiences for young people of all ages that are teacher-led and designed to be affordable and inclusive. Choose us for your next Adventure and realise the benefits so many others have done throughout our history.