Our promise of safety

We're proud of our safety record at Scout Adventures. We put young people first and follow The Scout Association’s Safety Policy and Child Protection Policy.

In addition, the majority of our centres are externally accredited and hold the Quality Badge awarded for Council for Learning Outside the Classroom and the AAIAC Adventure Mark.

Safe Adventures
Each Centre has undertaken accreditation with a number of schemes dedicated to maintaining high quality provision in the outdoor sector. The accreditations and licenses outlined below, and assessed by independent industry experts, are designed to provide the necessary reassurance to teachers, youth workers, and other adults responsible for taking young people on adventurous activity experiences that our centres have all the necessary provisions in place to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable and educationally valuable adventure with us.

Learning outside the classroom quality badge
The LOtC Quality Badge provides for the first time a national award combining the essential elements of provision - learning and safety - into ONE easily recognisable and trusted accreditation scheme for ALL types of learning outside the classroom provider throughout the UK. This includes museums, art galleries, adventure centres, nature reserves, science learning centres and farms among many other provider types. The scheme is managed and developed by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom.

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Adventuremark is a non-statutory safety scheme devised by the Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee (AAIAC) for providers of adventurous activities that are outside the scope of the Adventure Activity Licensing regulations. Adventuremark allows providers to demonstrate to their customers or users that the provider's arrangements for managing the potential risks of adventure activities have been inspected and found to meet the necessary standards of good practice in the adventure activity industry.

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Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA)
Adventure activities licensing ensures that activity providers follow good safety management practices. A license indicates that the provider has been inspected by the Adventure Activities Licensing Service on behalf of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority, with particular attention being paid to their safety management systems with young people, and has been able to demonstrate compliance with nationally accepted standards of good practice in the delivery of adventure activities to young people, with due regard to the benefits and risks of the activity. The AALA license only applies to centres which run activities within the scope of the licensing regulations.

You can find our Buddens, Hawkhirst and Great Tower centres listed here:

Risk Assessments
All of the activities completed at our centres are subject to thorough risk assessments. We make all of our risk assessments available on request To obtain copies of risk assessments just ask the Customer Support Coordinator at the centre you are visiting during the booking process.

Data and Statistics
The Scout Association gathers data on any incidents or injuries that occur at our centres. We use this information to ensure we are delivering a high level of care and safety to our guests. Much of this data is highly specialised to specific activities and operating procedures. We believe that a high level of level of training and expertise is required to interpret this information effectively and correctly, for this reason we do not publish data to the general public. Instead please be assured that the accreditations and licenses outlined above demonstrate our high level of quality and safety in delivered adventurous activity experiences.

Safety Support and Resources

Doing things safely is fundamental to everything we do in Scouting and our responsibilities are highlighted in the Safety Policy in chapter 2 of POR. It should become a natural way of thinking, rather than an ‘add-on’ to our planning.

For further guidance visit the safety section on the main scout website