Badge Programmes

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Scouts Caver Activity Badge

Spend two days exploring the underground world of four different cave systems in North Yorkshire. Each labyrinth is unique in its formation and geology, and will offer Scouts a fascinating

subterranean challenge.

How much? £48 per person

Where and when? All year at Great Tower.


Scouts Climber Activity Badge

There’s so much more to climbing and abseiling than the physical challenge. Scouts will learn about personal protective equipment, safety, the environmental impact of climbing, and how to care for technical equipment.

How much? £20 per person

Where and when? 

Gilwell Park 15 August 2018. Book here 

Great Tower 27 May 2018. Book here 

Scouts Expedition Challenge

Try a mountain or canoe expedition over one night and two days: plan a route, navigate during the expedition and cook your own meals. At the end of the expedition, Scouts will

write a report to present back to their friends.

How much? From £48 per person

Where and when? Great Tower only - please contact the centre.



Scouts Forester Activity Badge

With the expertise of our instructors and forestry workers, Scouts will learn how to identify trees, find out about managing woodland and have a go at transplanting young trees. Scouts will also learn to use and care for forestry equipment safely.

How much? £20 per person.

Where and when?

Great Tower 7th October 2018. Book here