Badge Programmes

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Cubs Time on the Water

During the visit participants will take part in various water sports. For Beavers and Cubs each activity will be 1.5 hours.

How much? £20


Great Tower

Please contact the centre direct to check availability.

Explorer Climber Activity Badge

The physical challenge of climbing and abseiling will develop confidence and skills for your Explorers. They will learn about personal protective equipment, safety, the environmental impact of climbing, and how to care for technical equipment.

Explorers must attend both dates to receive the badge.

How much? £60 per person


Great Tower


Woodhouse Park

Please contact your chosen centre direct to check availability.


Explorer Pioneer Activity Badge

Explorers will create their own pioneering challenges, such as a new obstacle for an adventure course, a cannon for a gun run or a bridge across a pond. They will showcase their skills in knots, hitches, lashings and anchorages.

How much? £20 per person.


Gilwell Park

Great Tower

Explorer Scout Adventure Weekend

These weekends, for groups of up to 20 people, offer Explorers the chance to explore Snowdonia National Park. The programme can be tailored to help them achieve badge work, work on outdoor qualifications, or personal development.

How much? £50 per person. 

Where and when? Yr Hafod 9 - 10 March, 22 - 23 June or 25 - 27 October 2019.  Book here