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Camp or lodge? We've got it all.

Outdoor accommodation

On-site camping
With camping areas set across 250 acres, there’s plenty of space for groups large and small. There are camping areas close to the centre of the site, as well as ones in more secluded areas.

On-site accommodation
We have 4 lodges of various shapes and sizes all of which come complete with fully equipped kitchens
 and separate communal/dining areas.

Tented Village
Why worry about having to bring lots of bulky equipment with you? Our tented village takes care of all the hard work for you (well, most of it anyway!). Our tented village is a horseshoe of tents already pitched for you, complete with comfy mattress pads. There’s also a group tent with tables, benches, lighting and a basic camp kitchen.  It’s a great alternative to the standard camping experience or even staying in a lodge. Mix it up a bit and book a different option each time you visit. Available to book from May to October.

Indoor accommodation

All of our lodges have: fully equipped kitchens and separate communal/dining areas.

Cartmel Lodge

Sleeps 36 people. Four rooms of 6, 2 rooms of 4 and 2 rooms of 2 beds. Complete with separate male and female showers and toilets.

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Cartmel Lodge Cartmel Lodge

The Bunk House

Sleeps 16 people. One room of 6, 1 room of 2 and 2 rooms of 4 beds.

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The Bunk House The Bunk House

Kirkstone Lodge

Sleeps 24 people (new floorplan coming soon with updated capacity). Includes two dining/communal rooms.

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Kirkstone Lodge Kirkstone Lodge

Windermere Chalet

Sleeps 24. Five rooms of 4 and 2 rooms of 2 beds. Male and female toilets and showers.

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Windermere Chalet Windermere Chalet

Chadburn Tented Village

Our tented village is made up of 4m bell tents for up to five young people and 3m bell tents for two adults and comes complete with comfortable mattresses, electric lanterns and storage boxes. There’s also a group tent with tables, benches and lighting and a separate mess tent with a functional kitchen. In the centre is a private campfire circle. Overall offering space for 30 young people and four adults in 10 bell tents. Available to book from Easter to October.

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Tented Village Tented Village

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