Packages for Schools


Packages for Schools

Choose your own adventure experience

It's your experience, so you're in charge but we believe that you should play a key role in designing your own experience - that is how Brilliant Residentials are achieved after all. Our packages act as starting points from which we can design a bespoke experience just for you.







Option 1:

Original Outdoor Experience

Immersed in the outdoors, young people will learn skills, work as a team and develop a sense of responsibility.

1-4 nights in our tented village. Fully catered.

Why? Learn new skills, promote teamwork

Where? Available at most centres.

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Option 2:

Outdoor Adventure

Young people are invited to paddle, climb and think their way through a series of exciting challenges, from canoeing and archery to high ropes and orienteering.

1-4 nights in our lodges or tented village. Fully catered.

Why? Form strong working relationships between teachers and pupils; develop initiative and self-reliance.

Where? Available at most centres.

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Option 3:

Adventure 50:50

Split your time between self-led sessions and instructed activities. We can help you meet your learning objectives by providing activities, skills or simply the space you need.

2-4 nights, full board accommodation in our lodges or tented village.

Why? Mix of teacher time and structured activities

Where? Available at most centres.

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Our adventure packages aren't just heaps of fun, there are also many benefits associated with the type of outdoor experience we offer. These adventures help young people to develop the character skills they need to become leaders of the future.

Original Outdoor Experience Outdoor Adventure Adventure 50:50
Resilience Trust Overcoming challenges
Respect Setting goals Managing feelings
Independent living Communicating Achieving success
Taking responsibility Confidence Motivation
Getting involved Co-operating  
Practical skills Listening  
Showing initiative Co-ordination  
Environmental awareness Balance  


ALL: Enjoyment, Being Positive, Reflecting, Self-awareness, Feeling Proud.