Lesson resources

Making sense of maps

Building a 3D landscape.

Float your boat

Make a mini canoe.

Making sparks

Light a fire.

Strong structures

Make a mini zip-line.

Discovering minibeasts

Make a pooter.

Mini archery

And add another string to your bow.

Getting a move on


Recording the weather

Make your own weather station.

Talking sense

Using spoken language to explore the senses.

Planning a residential

Planning a residential

Advice and ideas to support your next trip.

Catering for a residential

Who's cooking? Assigning tasks and responsibilities.

Managing a group outdoors

Advice and practical solutions to help support challenges to a number of common problems you are likely to encounter when 'Learning Outside the Classroom.'

Learning through adventure

Structuring adventures to facilitate learning.

Teaching practical skills

Simple methods to help teach groups.

Summer Safety

Take a look at our Preparing for Summer video which covers everything from planning your programme and equipment in accordance to the weather, through to the rules of 'slip, slop and slap.'

Gas safety

Check that you have all the right equipment and that it's fit for purpose. Take a look at our Gas Safety video for more tips and have a great adventure.

Firework safety

If you're planning a Scout event involving Fireworks, here's some advice to help support you to deliver it safely.

Winter camping

Top tips for camping in the cold from our hardened Scouts who are more than just a little bit used to it.

Winter camping

Going to Wintercamp or another muddy event this Winter. Here are some top tips from our hardened Scouts.

What to bring

Kit list

Whether you’re coming to one of our centres for the day or longer, make sure you view and download our kit list. It contains a checklist of all the items you’ll need during your time on centre with us, along with some handy ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ for what to include. Why not print out your copy to use whilst you decide what to bring?